Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal.

About Us

At Cascade, success is founded on and sustained by our commitment to a basic set of values and business principles. 


Our business is a demanding one where customer satisfaction, quality service and safety standards are the key elements of our success. We believe that our commitment to customer service, operational systems, safety standards, policies and technology solutions provide us with an advantage in a competitive industry.

We take great pride in being considered among the very best in the business. Cascade Carriers utilizing specialized trailers, operates one of the largest fleets of pneumatic dry bulk trailers in Western Canada, providing service to customers in the Ready Mix Industry and the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

Company History

Cascade Carriers’ origins date back to 1919 when a group of WW1 veterans started Veterans Transfer Ltd, operating out of Edmonton. In 1932, Crone Bros. Ltd. was started based in Westlock AB, which later moved to Calgary. In the ’50s, Veterans and Crone Bros set up alliances with Canada Cement, which is known today as Lafarge Canada Inc. More than 60 years later, Lafarge is still Cascade’s biggest customer. The interprovincial aspect with Cascade Carriers Ltd. was added in 1965. In 1996 Mullen Transportation Inc. (now Mullen Group Ltd.) purchased Veterans and Crone. In 2001, a centralized dispatch was formally introduced. And, to lessen the confusion with our clients, we began operating under one name, Cascade Carriers Ltd. Cascade Carriers is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mullen Group Ltd.

Leadership Team


Richard Schultz
Vice President & General Manager

Amy Wang

Chris Malitowski
Director of Safety and Loss Prevention

Kayla Kendall
Customer Service Team Lead

Steve Smith
Shop Foreman


Gloria Yaworski
Human Resource Coordinator

Mission Statement

At Cascade, success is founded on and sustained by our commitment to a basic set of values and business principles. Safety is the prime objective of Cascade. If we cannot do it safely, we will find another way. We endorse a disciplined approach to safety performance, and the health and safety of our employees shall not be compromised.

Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal.

We strive to achieve a superior level of customer service by focusing on the goal of attaining “excellence in everything we do.” Integrity is a cornerstone of long term success, it serves as the foundation of our value system. Simply put: “if we say it – we do it.”

Cascade Carriers sets the Standard for Safety and Service in the Pneumatic Trucking Industry.

Cascade Carriers L.P. is a Business Unit of Mullen Group Ltd.


Cascade Carriers L.P.
6111 Ogdendale Road SE
Calgary, AB
T2C 2A4


Toll free: 1-800-665-5056
Dispatch: (403) 236-7100
Main Phone: (403) 236-7110
Main Fax: (403) 236-7118

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